Dental Practices

DPid places Dental Practices ahead of the curve by providing an inconspicuous and confidential (HIPAA compliant) means of identifying ownership of any dental prosthetic or appliance.  This is especially important for dental practices located in states mandating dental prosthetic identification. The DPid process provides access to critical component data, reducing guesswork and research time and increasing productivity. Pertinent Health Information is also made available to alert a dentist of a patient's allergies or medications that may impact the patient’s well-being.

“I can’t begin to tell you how many mystery cases the DPid system will resolve… saving both me and the patient considerable time and expense.”

Dr.Thomas Klena, DDS 
Penns Valley Dental Associates Spring Mills, PA



Dental Practice Benefits

  • Viable and inconspicuous means of identifying ownership to meet state mandates (if applicable)
  • HIPAA compliant for ownership identification in place of patient’s name or Social Security Number
  • Eliminates guesswork and research time with repairs or remanufacturing
  • Intuitive web based data entry reducing information management time and eliminating paperwork
  • Notification of Pertinent Health Information relating to the patient’s dental well-being
  • Provides documentation, identification, and traceability
  • Documents Dental Laboratory CDT, CDL, DAMAS, or State Registration status
  • Disclosure of manufacturing materials and country of origin to assure quality
  • Assures the same or equal materials will be used in the repair or remanufacturing
  • Rapid, secure, and private information available 24/7
  • Provides an open line of communication between the dentist, dental laboratory, and patient
  • Reference photographs of natural dentition and/or dental prosthetics (if available)
  • Minimal cost for implementation, maintenance, and archiving
  • No need for expensive programing, technical support, or equipment

Dental Practice DPid Account Benefits

  • Full access and editing to all DPid patients' Tier 1 information
  • Complete searchable and printable listing of each dentist’s and each dental laboratory’s DPid patients
  • Convenient and secure means of archiving dental prosthetic ownership and manufacturing data
  • Provides rapid access to patient list pertaining to specific alerts or recalls
  • Provides listing of participating dentists and dental laboratories in case of emergency
  • Provides variety of searchable patient and material reports for analysis, budgeting, and inspections
  • Provides DPid status plus additional advertising/promotional exposure

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Thank you for considering DPid (Dental Prosthetics Identification).