DPid provides peace of mind for Patients, who are concerned about the preservation of their smiles. They may now rest assured that their dental prosthetics or appliances can be restored quickly to their original specifications, both economically and safely. Whether a problem occurs at home or halfway around the world, the DPid process provides a list of materials used in manufacturing the dental prosthetic; no more guessing tooth shades, acrylic type, or type of mechanical attachment. It also provides an inconspicuous and HIPAA compliant means of identifying ownership, especially important in states mandating dental prosthetic identification. Pertinent Health Information is also made available to alert the dentist, who may be unfamiliar with the patient's medical history, of possible allergies or, medications that may impact your well-being.

DPid is proud to support the National Association of Dental Laboratories launch of two new social media outlets that will serve as the foundation of NADL’s ongoing public awareness campaign to address core policy objectives that promote “transparency in dentistry” and the role and value of a competently trained dental technician.  DPid is privileged to be listed under “Technology Innovations” under “Resources” on NADL’s website.

“When my mother had a brain tumor removed, her dentures were lost (at the hospital)... They were never found and it made life very difficult for her. Her dentist couldn't see her in the nursing home and she was unable to go to his office. Had some kind of ID been on the dentures, they probably would have been found and returned.”

Pat S.
Pittsburgh, PA

Patient Benefits

  • Preserve patient’s self-image and integrity of their smile, both inside and out
  • Inconspicuous means of ownership identification
  • HIPAA compliant for ownership identification in place of patient’s name or Social Security Number
  • Access to manufacturing data in case of broken or lost dental prosthetic
  • Assures the same or equal materials are used in repairs or remanufacturing
  • Disclosure of manufacturing materials and country of origin to assure quality level
  • Provides Pertinent Health Information to dentist or dental laboratory to protect the patient’s well-being
  • Rapid, secure, and private information available 24/7
  • Eliminates guesswork and research time with repairs or remanufacturing reducing time and cost
  • Provides a consistent source of information to dental laboratory, dentist, and patient
  • One-time cost for implementation, maintenance, and archiving
  • Optional emergency contact information and dental health related concerns
  • Provides listing of participating dentists and dental labs in case of emergency

Additional Patient Benefits

DPid offers an optional Tier 2 at no additional cost with a higher level of security that may provide the patients:

  • Date of birth
  • Patient contact information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Pertinent Health Information alerting the dentist or dental laboratory technician of concerns that may impact the well-being of the patient through the manufacturing materials or the dental procedure of inserting a device.

To learn more about how DPid can benefit you, please explore our web site or contact us.
Thank you for considering DPid (Dental Prosthetics Identification).