Dental laboratory

DPid increases the productivity of Dental Laboratories by providing immediate access to data required for reparation or re-manufacture of any dental prosthetic or appliance to its original specifications. No more mystery cases!  The DPid process also provides identification, documentation, and traceability to support a number of government and industry requirements.

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Dental Practices

DPid places Dental Practices ahead of the curve by providing an inconspicuous and confidential (HIPAA compliant) means of identifying ownership of any dental prosthetic or appliance.  This is especially important for dental practices located in states mandating identification. The DPid process provides access to critical component data, reducing guesswork and research time and increasing productivity. Pertinent Health Information may also be available to alert a dentist of a patient’s allergies or of medications that may impact the patient’s well-being.

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DPid provides peace of mind for Patients, who are concerned about the preservation of their smiles. They may now rest assured that their dental prosthetics or appliances can be restored quickly its original specifications, both economically and safely. Whether a problem occurs at home or halfway around the world, the DPid process provides a list of materials used in manufacturing the dental prosthetic; no more guessing tooth shades, acrylic type, or type of mechanical attachment. It also provides an inconspicuous and HIPAA compliant means of identifying ownership, especially important in states mandating dental prosthetic identification. Pertinent Health Information is also made available to alert the dentist, who may be unfamiliar with the patient's medical history, of possible allergies or, medications that may impact your well-being.

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Personal security

Everyday advances are being made in health care because of Information Technology (IT). Consequently, concerns about personal security have also increased. Read More

Dental Psychology

As the late Andy Rooney (1919-2011) said, “If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.” There are a lot of reasons to smile: for example, to show kindness towards others, to improve your mood, to reduce stress, even to make you look younger and feel better. Smiling is important to maintaining your self-image and your smile ranks as one of the most notable features when making a new introduction.

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